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Our mission

Chaac's journey

Our mission is to modernize the way we work with the use of emerging technologies.

As we continuously study the latest technologies, we strive diligently to find creative methods to streamline work-related operations. Developing a robust digital mindset and consistently improving our work style is an integral part of our ongoing journey.

We actively embrace the challenges of the ever-changing technological landscape and use our comprehensive knowledge to create innovative, effective solutions. This commitment to innovation propels us forward, fostering growth and efficiency across all dimensions of our organization.

Our Solutions

What can Chaac do for you?

Immersive Training Catalog

Elevating Your Business With Our
Ready-To-Learn Solutions.

Custom Virtual Reality Training

Revolutionizing workplace training with custom-tailored VR experiences.

Military-Grade Solutions

Cutting-edge solutions to enhance the operational readiness of military forces.

Advanced Drone Solutions

Enhancing industry capabilities with versatile UAV applications.

Photogrammetry and 3D Modeling

Crafting precise 3D models with cutting-edge aerial imagery.

Geospatial Data Integration

Streamlining field operations with precise georeferenced data collection.

Guillaume Nepveu

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Head of R&D

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Join our journey and never miss an update!

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