Simplify your field operations
Chaac provides the best technology to optimize every stage of your field OPs
Getting Ready
Set your goals

Let's review your challenges for your next field operation. Our experts will optimize all aspects of your operation.

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Collect the right data

Get the most of your operation by collecting the right data. Our goal is to maximize your efficiency in the field.

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Train in virtual reality

We design training modules in VR for your team. We use real imagery to create perfectly immersive experiences.

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In the Field

Use the Coral App

Save at least 25% of your time in the field and 40% in data processing after your field operation.

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Enhance your OPs with UAVs

Chaac is a certified UAV operator. Our pilots are qualified and trained for various aerial missions.

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Get the support you need

We are there for you! We provide on-site and remote assistance during your field operations.

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After the Operation

Share data with Coral Storage

Our cloud technology will keep your data safe and available in real time wherever you are.

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Gain insights with data analytics

Our mathematicians develop custom geospatial algorithms to solve your unique problems.

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Reach out with Coral Dashboard

Get access to the best visualizations of your data. Use it for your presentations and reports.

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