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Ship formation


Ship Formation

Comprehensive Training in Single and Multi-Ship Formations


Ship Formation is a comprehensive VR training solution developed by Chaac Technologies, specifically designed for naval warfare officers. This immersive training module covers both single ship and multi-ship formations, focusing on essential principles such as Corpen, risk of collision, and the Circle Principle.

By engaging in realistic and challenging scenarios, trainees can master the intricacies of ship formation and maneuvering, ensuring safe and efficient naval operations.

Ship Formation

Ship Formation provides detailed training in the coordination and maneuvering of single ships and multiple ships in formation. The module covers critical aspects of naval operations, including the Corpen maneuver, risk of collision, and the Circle Principle. 

This training tool ensures that trainees develop the necessary skills to maintain formation integrity and navigate safely in complex maritime environments.

Training Overview​

This training tool ensures that trainees develop the necessary skills to maintain formation integrity and navigate safely in complex maritime environments.

Single Ship Formation: Learn the principles of single ship formation, focusing on maintaining proper alignment and spacing.

Multi-Ship Formation: Coordinate multiple ships in formation, ensuring effective communication and maneuvering to maintain formation integrity.

Corpen Maneuver: Perform the Corpen maneuver, a critical operation for changing the direction of an entire formation.

Risk of Collision: Identify potential risks of collision during formation maneuvers and apply strategies to mitigate these risks.

Circle Principle: Understand and apply the Circle Principle, which governs the turning radii of ships in formation, ensuring safe and coordinated maneuvers.

Learning Objectives

Module Specs

Learning Objectives

Module Specs

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Our VR training provides an immersive solution for naval academies, ensuring cadets master collision regulations with realistic simulations and practical scenarios.

Training Centers

Equip officers with advanced navigational skills using our VR training, enhancing their readiness and operational effectiveness in diverse maritime environments.

Safety Organizations

Improve safety protocols and collision avoidance techniques through our comprehensive VR training, designed to meet the highest standards of maritime safety.

Shipping Companies

Our VR training enhances the navigational proficiency of crew members, reducing the risk of collisions and ensuring safer maritime operations for commercial fleets.

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Ship Formation

Future Developments

Chaac Technologies is committed to continuously enhancing the Ship Formation module. Future updates and developments may include:

  • Advanced Formation Types: Introducing more complex formation types to expand the training scenarios.

  • Environmental Challenges: Adding different environmental conditions, such as adverse weather and restricted visibility, to enhance realism.

  • Dynamic Scenarios: Developing dynamic scenarios that require real-time decision-making and adaptability.

  • Integration with Other Modules: Combining ship formation training with other navigation and collision avoidance modules for comprehensive training experiences.

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Ship formation Pelorus
Ship formation


Ship Formation is an essential training tool for naval warfare officers, providing an immersive and practical approach to mastering both single and multi-ship formations. By engaging in this dynamic and realistic training module, officers can enhance their operational readiness, improve their coordination skills, and ensure safe and efficient naval operations. Chaac Technologies is dedicated to delivering cutting-edge training solutions that meet the highest standards of excellence and effectiveness.

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