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Port Approach

Familiarize with Busy Ports Using AIS Data Visualization


Port Approach is a sophisticated VR training solution developed by Chaac Technologies for naval warfare officers. This immersive experience utilizes historic AIS (Automatic Identification System) data to create a realistic visualization of busy ports.

By familiarizing trainees with the intricate dynamics of port environments, Port Approach enhances navigational proficiency and situational awareness, crucial for efficient and safe port operations.

Port Approach

Port Approach leverages historic AIS data to recreate virtual versions of busy ports, providing naval officers with an in-depth understanding of port operations. This training tool allows trainees to view AIS information for all ships, observe multiple overhead perspectives, and listen to simulated radio communications.

The goal is to build familiarity with port environments and understand the patterns and activities that define busy ports.

Training Overview​

Port Approach offers a comprehensive and immersive training environment, enabling trainees to:

Realistic Port Visualization: Historic AIS data recreates a virtual version of a busy port, allowing trainees to experience the complexity of port operations.

AIS Information Analysis: View AIS data for all ships within the port, helping trainees understand the movement and positioning of vessels.

Multiple Overhead Perspectives: Observe the port from various overhead views, providing a detailed understanding of port layout and vessel traffic.

Simulated Radio Communications: Listen to simulated radio communications to learn how information is exchanged in real port operations, enhancing communication skills.

Pattern Recognition: Understand the pattern of life in busy ports, recognizing the activities and routines that characterize these environments.

Learning Objectives

Module Specs

Learning Objectives

Module Specs

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Our VR training provides an immersive solution for naval academies, ensuring cadets understand port operations through realistic simulations and practical scenarios.

Training Centers

Equip officers with advanced port navigation skills using our VR training, enhancing their readiness and operational effectiveness in diverse maritime environments.

Safety Organizations

Improve safety protocols and port operation techniques through our comprehensive VR training, designed to meet the highest standards of maritime safety.

Shipping Companies

Our VR training enhances the navigational proficiency of crew members, reducing the risk of incidents and ensuring safer port operations for commercial fleets.

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Port Approach

Future Developments

Chaac Technologies is committed to continuously enhancing the Port Approach module to provide the most comprehensive training experience possible. Future updates and developments include:

  • Bridge Perspectives
    Adding bridge views for a more immersive experience.

  • Expanded Fleet Options
    Introducing a full fleet of diverse ship types to enrich training scenarios.

  • Time Scrubbing
    Allowing trainees to scrub through time to visualize patterns and changes over time.

  • Live AIS Feeds
    Incorporating live AIS feeds for real-time training experiences.

  • Global Port ExpansionExpanding the module to include more ports from around the world, offering a wider range of training environments.

Port Approach Highlights

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Port Approach is an essential training tool for naval warfare officers, providing an immersive and practical approach to mastering port operations and navigation. By engaging in this dynamic and realistic training module, officers can enhance their situational awareness, improve their navigational proficiency, and ensure safe and efficient port operations. Chaac Technologies is dedicated to delivering cutting-edge training solutions that meet the highest standards of excellence and effectiveness.

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