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ColRegs Collaborative is an advanced multiplayer VR training solution developed by Chaac Technologies specifically for naval warfare officers. This interactive experience is designed to master the International Regulations for Prevention of Collision at Sea (COLREGS), which are crucial for ensuring safe navigation and avoiding collisions. 

By immersing trainees in realistic and challenging scenarios, ColRegs Collaborative provides an unparalleled training experience that enhances both knowledge and practical skills in maritime navigation.

ColRegs Collaborative

The acronym COLREGS stands for Collision Regulations, or more formally, The International Regulations for Prevention of Collision at Sea. These regulations, commonly known as the Navigation Rules or Nav Rules, establish the responsibilities of vessel operators in both inland and international waters. The COLREGS cover various aspects of maritime navigation, including conduct of vessels in sight of one another, conduct in restricted visibility, and the use of sound and light signals.

 Adherence to these rules is paramount for preventing collisions and ensuring maritime safety. Mastery of the COLREGS is essential for all naval officers and maritime professionals.

Training Overview​

ColRegs Collaborative offers a comprehensive and immersive training environment where two players collaborate and compete to avoid collisions using the COLREGS. This module provides a detailed and realistic simulation of maritime navigation scenarios, enhancing the trainees’ ability to:

  • Select Scenarios: Trainees can choose from a variety of scenarios, including head-on, crossing, and overtaking situations. Each scenario presents unique challenges that require different strategies and applications of the COLREGS.

  • Configure Ship Status: Players can set the status of their vessels, selecting from categories such as Power-Driven Vessel (PDV), Restricted in Ability to Maneuver (RAM), and Not Under Command (NUC). This feature allows trainees to practice handling different types of vessels and their specific navigation rules.

  • Adjust Lighting and Shapes: The module allows players to configure the appropriate lights and shapes for their vessel status. This is crucial for ensuring that vessels are correctly identified and that their intentions are clearly communicated to other vessels.

  • Situational Awareness: Vessels appear in a simulated environment with a risk of collision, visible on AIS (Automatic Identification System) and RADAR. Trainees must use these tools to maintain situational awareness and make informed decisions to avoid collisions.

  • Communication: Effective communication is a key aspect of collision avoidance. Players use radio communication to coordinate with other vessels during and after the simulated situation. This helps trainees develop their communication skills and learn how to convey and receive critical information quickly and accurately.

Learning Objectives

Module Specs

Learning Objectives

Module Specs

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Our VR training provides an immersive solution for naval academies, ensuring cadets master collision regulations with realistic simulations and practical scenarios.

Training Centers

Equip officers with advanced navigational skills using our VR training, enhancing their readiness and operational effectiveness in diverse maritime environments.

Safety Organizations

Improve safety protocols and collision avoidance techniques through our comprehensive VR training, designed to meet the highest standards of maritime safety.

Shipping Companies

Our VR training enhances the navigational proficiency of crew members, reducing the risk of collisions and ensuring safer maritime operations for commercial fleets.

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ColRegs Collaborative

Future Developments

Chaac Technologies is committed to continuously enhancing the ColRegs Collaborative module to provide the most comprehensive training experience possible. Future updates and developments include:

  • Expanded Fleet Options: Introducing a full fleet of diverse ship types, including commercial vessels, naval ships, and leisure crafts, to provide a broader range of training scenarios.

  • Environmental Conditions: Adding various environmental conditions, such as fog, storms, and night navigation, to challenge trainees and improve their ability to navigate under different circumstances.

  • Different Navigational Environments: Incorporating different navigational environments, such as narrow channels, busy ports, and open seas, to offer a variety of challenges and scenarios.

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ColRegs Collaborative is an essential training tool for naval warfare officers, providing an immersive and practical approach to mastering the COLREGS. By engaging in this dynamic and realistic training module, officers can enhance their operational readiness, improve their navigational proficiency, and ensure maritime safety. Chaac Technologies is dedicated to delivering cutting-edge training solutions that meet the highest standards of excellence and effectiveness.

Collision Regulations Lights

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