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Accident Recreation

Experience Ship Collisions From Multiple Perspectives


Accident Recreation is an innovative VR training solution developed by Chaac Technologies, designed for naval warfare officers. This immersive experience allows trainees to witness and analyze actual ship collisions from various perspectives, enhancing their understanding of maritime incidents and improving their response strategies. 

By providing a realistic and detailed recreation of ship collisions, Accident Recreation offers an unparalleled training experience that bridges theory and practice in maritime safety.

Accident Recreation

Accident Recreation enables naval officers to experience real ship collisions from different viewpoints, including the bridge of a warship or merchant vessel and overhead views. This training tool leverages VR technology to recreate radar and AIS data, as well as bridge audio from incident reports, providing a comprehensive and immersive learning experience. 

The goal is to enhance situational awareness, decision-making skills, and overall preparedness for handling maritime incidents.

Training Overview​

Accident Recreation offers a detailed and realistic simulation of ship collisions, allowing trainees to:

Multiple Perspectives: View the collision from various angles, including the bridge of a warship or merchant vessel, and overhead views. This helps trainees understand the incident from different viewpoints and enhances their analytical skills.

Radar and AIS Data: The module recreates radar and AIS data as it was available during the incident. Trainees learn to interpret this information to understand the sequence of events leading to the collision.

Additional Equipment: Utilize equipment such as Pelorus and binoculars to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the situation. These tools are recreated to match those available on actual bridges.

Bridge Audio: Experience recreated bridge audio based on transcripts from the incident report. This adds to the immersion and helps trainees understand the communication and decision-making processes during the incident.

Group Activity Support: Accident Recreation can be used as a stand-alone tool or integrated into in-class group activities. One person can experience the VR environment while others watch on monitors, promoting collaborative learning and discussion.

Learning Objectives

Module Specs

Learning Objectives

Module Specs

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Who is this for


Our VR training provides an immersive solution for naval academies, ensuring cadets understand ship collisions through realistic simulations and practical scenarios.

Training Centers

Equip officers with advanced analytical skills using our VR training, enhancing their readiness and operational effectiveness in diverse maritime environments.

Safety Organizations

Improve safety protocols and incident analysis techniques through our comprehensive VR training, designed to meet the highest standards of maritime safety.

Shipping Companies

Our VR training enhances the incident analysis proficiency of crew members, reducing the risk of future collisions and ensuring safer maritime operations for commercial fleets.

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Accident Recreation

Future Developments

Chaac Technologies is committed to continuously enhancing the Accident Recreation module to provide the most comprehensive training experience possible. Future updates and developments include:

  • Recreation of Other Accidents: Expanding the module to include recreations of various maritime accidents, offering a broader range of training scenarios.

  • Advanced Environmental Conditions: Introducing different environmental conditions to challenge trainees further and improve their ability to analyze and respond to incidents under various circumstances.

Accident Recreation Highlights

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Ship Bridge
Accident recreation


Accident Recreation is an essential training tool for naval warfare officers, providing an immersive and practical approach to understanding and analyzing ship collisions. By engaging in this realistic training module, officers can enhance their situational awareness, improve their decision-making skills, and ensure maritime safety. Chaac Technologies is dedicated to delivering cutting-edge training solutions that meet the highest standards of excellence and effectiveness.


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