Top 5 Benefits of Using a Field Data Collection Application

The traditional way to collect data in the field is through paper forms. If this is what you’re using, know that there are much more efficient solutions available.

However, many organizations are hesitant to change their way processes work. You don’t need to fix something that’s not broken, right? Well, just because something has been done a certain way for years does not mean that there is not a better way to do it.

Moving away from paper forms will not only save you time and money, but it will also improve the efficiency of your operations.

Here are the top five reasons you should be using a field data collection application instead of traditional methods:

1.  It Saves Time – And Money!

Hiring field technicians is an expensive task. However, these specialists provide extensive value in the field. This means that you want to maximize the time that they spend in the field. You are not paying them to fill out paperwork!

When you use a field data collection application, your field teams will collect data directly on their mobile devices. The app shares this information instantly with other team members and office staff. This ensures that you get the most out of their time in the field.

Furthermore, it will also give you a competitive advantage over your competitors. Our research shows that you can save up to 40% in data processing time by using a data collection app!

2.  Accelerated Decision-Making Process

A data collection application allows the field manager to monitor the field data in real-time. This allows you to identify bottlenecks and other potential problem areas with your projects immediately so that you can make informed decisions and act on them as soon as possible.

3.  Improved Process Standardization

One of the biggest problems with traditional paper forms is that every field technician will fill them out differently. There are no required fields on a piece of paper, so they can fill them out however they’d like.

A data collection application allows you to standardize this process. It ensures that there is no variation in the data – regardless of who is doing the field observation. In addition, all collected data is automatically geolocated and transferred into a database.

Besides the fact that this eliminates errors or indecipherable information, it also ensures that no forms are damaged or lost. This will strengthen your data analysis abilities and allow you to better understand trends and patterns within your data.

4.  Access All Necessary Tools from One Place

Field data collection applications also allow your technicians to have every tool they need in one place. They no longer need to carry around cameras, GPS devices, pencil and paper, or even maps that help with field orientation.

Everything they need is available right in the app!

5.  Enhanced Customer Service

 Enhancing customer service is another benefit of using a field data collection application. You can provide your customers with quick access to quality reports by using the app. You can also avoid delays and errors in your deliverables that are caused because of issues with paper forms.

Moving Forward with a Field Data Collector

If you are ready to upgrade your process and move forward with a field data collection application, use Coral Collect for free!

Coral Collect provides an easy solution for data collection, storage, and sharing. This tool will help you use field data in collaborative ways and allows all levels of the organization to manage field data.

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