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While quality, service, and customer satisfaction are the cornerstones of any business, it is ultimately operational efficiency that determines a company’s long-term success.
Consider the money you invest, the equipment you buy, and the tasks your employees perform.
Do your outputs in these and other areas exceed your inputs and, if so, by how much? Needless to say, the more your outputs outweigh your inputs, the more profitable your business will be.
As maintenance professionals know, optimizing operational efficiency can sometimes require drastic changes. Other times, small, incremental changes suffice. Either way, improvement begins with identifying your existing inefficiencies. With that in mind, here are some questions you might want to consider:

  • Are there ways to spend less on your processes?
  • How can you eliminate the problems that cause costly emergency outages?
  • Does your company have a balanced maintenance strategy?
  • What tools can you implement to improve operations and reduce the possibility of future problems?
  • Can you reduce unscheduled maintenance hours by conducting regular, reliable inspections?

Today’s digital solutions provide exceptional benefits with respect to performance, maintenance, repair, and overhaul. Here, we take a look at how and where these solutions can offer you an operational and competitive advantage.

Compliance, audit and security management

Cloud-based automation platforms enable your maintenance professionals to completely reshape your asset management processes. They improve collaboration between maintenance teams while helping them identify and resolve disruptions.

Because of their data analysis capabilities, automation platforms also allow maintenance professionals to:

  • Use company data to verify regulatory compliance
  • Identify potential hazards and risks
  • Take proactive measures to resolve problems

Intelligent decision-making

The faster your maintenance team is able to filter complex information, the more efficiently you can identify and prioritize assets that require attention. Fortunately, there are applications specifically designed to aid you in this regard.

Decision-making software can rank tasks on your behalf, in order of urgency. Such applications can also:

  • Ensure that information is available in a concise and simple format immediately upon request
  • Deliver the right information can into the hands of the right decision-makers more efficiently

Planning and timing

Maintenance may be essential to your business, but it needn’t result in significant company downtime. Take a proactive, preventative approach and you can complete maintenance programs efficiently, with little downtime, less waste, and less energy consumption.

Look for planning and timing tools that allow you to schedule preventive maintenance so that it has the least impact on production flow.

Work order management

Companies that use maintenance management software see an approximate 20% reduction in equipment downtime and material costs, among other benefits.[vs1] 

Such software can help you maintain accurate records, making it easy to track your progress against your operational goals. It also:

  • Gives your technicians a clear understanding of what they need to accomplish
  • Enables technicians to easily document their work, access it from anywhere, and automatically track measurables

Mobile maintenance

With a mobile computerized maintenance management system, your technicians can receive and send information in real time using their smartphones. This means that, regardless of where they are, they can edit tasks, submit work orders, and view open orders.

No need for them to remember or write down work order instructions when they leave home base. All of the information they require when working in the field can be accessed easily from a mobile app.

Monitoring and surveillance

Online repository services store a complete history of working machines in the cloud. Remote access to this history means you can quickly identify machine locations, as well as any tasks that need to be performed.

Such platforms can also:

  • Assess machine performance data and inform you when you need to replace parts[vs2] 
  • Address repair tasks with mobile services that facilitate on-site maintenance operations using augmented reality applications

Asset data collection

Often referred to as a company’s crown jewels, asset data can strengthen a company’s decision-making processes, provided you can access it, of course.

Data gives you the insights you need to optimize resource allocation, among other things. That said, large amounts of data stored in large databases serve little purpose if it’s hard to access. Just as it’s important to implement precise data collection methods, it’s important to implement precise data analysis procedures, too.

In conclusion

The Internet of Things is at your fingertips. Use it to your advantage.

Leverage digital solutions so your company’s decision-makers can make informed decisions about resource allocation, machinery investment, and more.

And automate your data collection methods to simplify data exploration, preprocessing, and analysis. By doing so, your maintenance professionals will have easy access to up-to-date information anytime, anywhere.

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