Gestion et planification des équipes

Planning of field operations and team management

During field data collection operations, several problems will arise if the planning of operations and team management have been neglected. Among these, we can note:

  • Perform the same inspection twice by mistake
  • Difficulty defining the teams’ itinerary
  • Difficulty updating data directly in the field
  • Retrieve all data collected previously

The bigger the team, the more these problems will appear.

How does the Coral Collect data collector resolve these issues?

First, Coral Collect archives all the data that has been collected in the cloud and allows all users to access it in the field or in the office in real time.


  • Field teams can view data that has already been collected and not perform the same survey by mistake
  • When the teams return to the field to observe the evolution of an inspected data, they will be able to access previous data and directly update it.
  • Managers will be able to better plan day-to-day data collection operations, as they will have access to a map showing all the surveys carried out. They will be able to more effectively define the itinerary of their teams.
  • Since all data is available digitally on devices, there is no longer a need to:
    • Search the forms and photos already collected
    • Bring these data to the field in paper format.

How to do it step by step on mobile device and computer?

On mobile:

1: Open the application

2: Select a project

3: Tap on ‘sync change’

4: View your data on the application map

On computer:

1: Open the dashboard

2: Go to the project tab

3: Select one of your projects

4: View your updated data on the online map

Your problem is solved. You have now a better idea on how to do planning of field operations and team management for data collection.

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