Construction & Engineering Industry


Equipment inspection is an essential part of the construction industry. These inspections help prevent accidents caused by equipment failure and minimize interruptions to operations. Inspections must be systematic and carried out at an appropriate frequency. Inspections are completed by professionals and accompanied by a list of items to check.

There are several challenges in relation to the equipment inspection process:

  1. These inspections are usually included in normal operating procedures (SOPs). These procedures are often only available on paper. This can cause oversight on the part of inspectors and slow the learning curve for trainees.
  2. Inspection forms are often done with paper forms. This requires manual data entry into databases. These transcripts increase the cost associated with inspections and may introduce errors.
  3. Photos are often used to document certain stages of an inspection. These photos are difficult to associate with paper forms. This results in parallel management of this data, which greatly reduces the efficiency of the inspection process.

We propose this form for equipment inspections. This form allows you to perform inspections quickly and efficiently. A photo field allows you to add photos directly to the form.

A mobile phone displaying a mobile form for equipment monitoring