Mobile app vs pen and paper

How Using a Mobile App in Data Collection Will Help Your Business?

Up until recently, pen and paper were the king of the data collection methods. You’d send your staff out armed with a biro, GPS, camera, and a stack of field forms. They’d return with a pile of paper that needed hours more work to turn into something actionable.

Thankfully, that era is at an end for four primary reasons:

  • Pen and paper are inefficient data collection tools.
  • An overly manual workflow is prone to errors.
  • Too much equipment in the field is counterproductive. And most importantly….
  • The mobile app has come along to make survey data collection far more effective!

Why a mobile app in Data collection?

Around 44.9% of the global population own a smartphone. With 3.2 billion users worldwide, mobile devices and mobile applications have become integral parts of everyday life.

The reality is that you’re far more likely to find a smartphone in someone’s pocket than pen and paper.

In short, the prevalence of mobile apps means most workers will find a field data collection app intuitive and easy to adopt.

What Are the Functionalities of a Field Data Collection Application?

The strength of field data collection software is that it can be adapted to suit your needs. The primary functions of an efficient data collection app like Coral Collect include:

  • Creation of digital forms for survey data collection via a mobile form builder.
  • Easy survey data collection on most mobile devices.
  • Data collection app compatibility with primary operating systems.
  • Simple collection of georeferenced data with a GIS app.
  • Recording of multiple types of media in a single mobile data collection field survey app.
  • Integrated offline data collection.
  • Ability to access data collection forms remotely via the cloud.
  • Survey data collection and automated report generation.

What are the main advantages?

Using an inspection app increases efficiency, reduces redundancy, and provides you with actionable data insights. Furthermore, a data collection using a mobile forms app reduces time in the field and therefore reduces costs.

Added to this is the fact that the efficiency of a field survey app allows a smaller team to tackle larger projects. Using them will provide your business with greater flexibility and scalability. Furthermore, automating the data gathering process eliminates the inconsistencies and errors associated with manual data collection, improving data reliability.

Additionally, Coral Collect’s drag and drop form builder allows you to create custom data collection forms that are perfectly tailored to your specific needs.

Finally, Cloud based apps allow for real-time analysis of both incoming data and the effectiveness of data gathering teams. Decision makers can then use that data immediately to make informed decisions faster.

Increasing Your Productivity

Repeated studies have shown that using a flexible forms app for field data collection can increase field team productivity by as much as 40%.

If you’re interested in equipping your staff with a powerful but easy to use mobile tool that will revolutionize the way you collect and use data, try Coral Collect.

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