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Field Data Collection Software – Top 5 Solution in 2021

Field data collection software allows you to create digital forms and conduct field surveys efficiently and effectively. They generally involve a mobile app used to collect data in the field. The app transfers the data directly from the field to your database, minimizing manual work and increasing reliability.

While many of them may have similar features, the best field survey app has distinct advantages. Here are the top data collection tools for 2021:

Coral Collect

The best solution when it comes to field data collection software is Coral Collect. This platform allows your organization to collect georeferenced field data and visualize it on a cartographic web interface. There is a strong form builder that allows users to create effective digital forms across a wide variety of industries.

The data that your field technicians collect can be shared in real-time, and the goal of this GIS app is to boost collaboration across all levels of your business.

Coral Collect can also export data in many different formats, from Excel and CSV to Shapefile and Geojson. When you geotag data in the app, the information can be displayed, filtered, and visualized with color-coding options.

So, how else can Coral Collect improve your data collection processes? It also includes the following features:

  • Automatic Form Filling
  • Data Presetting
  • Easy Statement Creation

If that wasn’t enough to convince you that Coral Collect is the best field survey app, there is more! They offer a completely free plan that includes an unlimited number of users and all the features described. 


Next on our list is the cloud based JotForm. This tool allows businesses to publish forms online, conduct effective customer surveys, and even collect payments. Other applications of this mobile form app include registering guests for events and managing applications.

JotForm excels when it comes to providing customer support and training. Their online support forum and chat ensure that their customers can use their field survey app effectively.


Another data field collection application to keep your eye on is Fulcrum. Their mobile platform allows you to build custom applications that can be used to collect field data. Everything that is input into the app is geolocated and easily accessed on a visually appealing dashboard.

Fulcrum Integrates with several different systems and provides sample forms to help you get started. The major drawback, however, is that it does not allow for the collection of data in the form lines, and polygons. As a result, this is not a great option for geomatics specialists.

Pronto Forms

Pronto Forms, a platform developed for construction inspections, audits, and maintenance, is another useful field data collection application. It was designed by an Ontario company and utilizes a cartographic interface.

This tool easily integrates with Salesforce and SAP so that workflows can be automated, but you cannot test out the application for free.

Fastfield Forms

The final form app on our list is Fastfield Forms. Their data collection platform was built for construction sites and building inspections and includes tools to dispatch tasks for employees.

It comes with a 14-day trial period so that you can see how it integrates with other systems, creates dashboards, and builds dynamic forms.

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