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Field data collection: How to save 40% of your time

How much time does your company spend gathering and managing data? At Coral Collect, we help businesses save time, money, and human resources with the help of our proven field data collection software. We know this because our customers regularly tell us so.

Of course, we don’t expect you to make software decisions based purely on anecdotal evidence. So, let’s take a look at some real facts and figures.

Time equals money.

Our customers tell us that the Coral Collect platform reaps them time savings of up to 40% both in the field and in data processing. That’s 40% of time that they can then spend performing other important business tasks in their day-to-day operations.

How does Coral Collect accomplish this? By automating many of the data collection tasks that would otherwise need to be performed by workers in the field. Coral Collect also eliminates the need for employees to return to the office and manually transcribe collected data.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways Coral Collect‘s data collection methods can help you achieve similar time savings.

  • Easy access to previously collected data
  • Easy access to collection routes in the field
  • Faster form completion thanks to digital (versus paper) data collection methods
  • All-in-one access to forms, camera and GPS
  • Real-time access to collected data
  • Automatic transfer of data from forms to database, i.e., no manual data transcription required
  • Automatic management of photos linked to data
  • Automated creation of reports
  • Easy data sharing between teams, managers, and clients through the Coral Collect dashboard

Let’s take a look at the dollars and cents 40% represents.

Given we’re not privy to our customers’ financial information, we’ll explore a hypothetical scenario.

Company X is an environmental engineering company. The company employs a civil engineer who spends much of his time collecting and processing field data.

According to the Job Bank, the average civil engineer earns around $40 CAD per hour. If he works a 40-hour week and saves 40% of his time by using Coral Collect, he frees up 16 hours per week.

To Company X, those 16 hours are worth $640 per week, or $33,280 per year.

As for the upfront investment, Coral Collect’s standard plan costs just $25 per month, or $300 per year, netting a $32,980 return on investment. That’s $110 saved for every dollar spent.

In summary:

16 hours saved per 40-hour weekX 52 weeks $33,280
Less annual standard subscription fee– $300
Total annual return on investment$32,980

But wait. There’s more.

The savings outlined above don’t even factor in the cost savings associated with:

  • Paperwork
  • The storage and handling of paper forms
  • Lost forms and data entry errors
  • Resumption of the resulting data collection

One Coral Collect subscription covers an unlimited number of users.

Unlike some software licenses, ours is based purely on the volume of data collected and stored in the Coral platform.

And if the volume of data causes you to migrate to the higher plan, the ROI remains greatly beneficial, and it’s even more true if your data collection and processing team consists of more than one person.

Interested in buying your company 40% more time? Watch this introductory video to learn more about Coral Collect or visit our registration page to sign up or connect with a member of our customer support team.

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