Benefits of an unlimited number of users for your Data Collection Tool

A data collection app is invaluable to any project that requires the use of field data. This tool not only collects the data but also analyses it to obtain meaningful information. The point of this is to enable the manager to create personalized digital forms, have accurate information on users, make informed decisions, and more.

None of these would be possible without the use of accurate data collection methods and proper tools. These tools which typically come in the form of Software as a service (SaaS) vary in the market. It’s best to use a platform with form builders on it that supports the use of mobile devices.  

Pricing depends on the features it offers and the number of users. 

What makes a great data collection app?

  • It should support offline data collection.
  •  It should automate your dataflow and support integration with a GIS app to best analyze data.
  •  It should support the use of an unlimited number of users.

On the subject of users, let’s review the benefits of having an unlimited number of users:

1. Unlimited collaboration

With a limited number of users within a data collection platform, there’d be limitations to the level of collaboration an organization’s teams have. However, providing an unlimited number of users ensures that all teams and managers have access to the necessary data.

2. License sharing is not necessary here

While license sharing can be beneficial to most companies, some issues could potentially arise from this. From the loss of control on your data and even the risk of misidentification of users.

This is opposed to when there’s an unlimited number of users who all have accounts, making it possible to identify who collected the data in the field .

A collaborative environment is invaluable in the success of any project. This includes the relationship between the management and the rest of the team, and even the clients. A solution with an unlimited number of users will help achieve this.

Not yet convinced?

Let’s look at a case study:

Compare companies A and B of different sizes. Company A has one employee who collects data daily, as opposed to Company B who has 10 employees that collect data two to three times each month. At the end of the month, chances are that both companies all have the same amount of data. However, B will be more likely to pay 10 times more for the use of the software.

That said, any data collection app with an unlimited number of users makes for an even better overall experience, better than a per-user licensing model.

For access to an all-in-one tool for field data collection, consider Coral Collect.

All plans on this platform offer an unlimited number of users. The added value for a company that collects data is related to the data and not to the number of users. However, the two are not mutually exclusive so, do not limit the number of users who can collect and share your data.

This solution saves you a lot of time. All you need to do is create a form, collect your data, and share this data in real-time in the field. You can access this data whenever you need it.

Get more information on sign up and pricing for Coral Collect.


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