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Automate Workplace Safety Reporting with a Mobile Forms App

In 2019, the Association of Workers’ Compensation Boards of Canada reported 925 work-related fatalities and a further 271,806 lost-time claims in the same time period. With 67% of fatalities reported in manufacturing, transport, utilities and related occupations, it’s wise for field service organizations to consider the many benefits of automated reporting with a mobile forms app to improve the safety of their inspectors.
This means ensuring safety procedures are followed correctly, and accidents or hazards are recorded and reported in a timely manner.
This is much easier said than done, however. In this article, we’ll show you how a mobile forms app powered with a mobile form builder will help improve safety reporting in your workplace.

The challenges of paper based safety inspections

In the age of digital transformation and Industry 4.0 it no longer makes sense for your field service organization to be following paper-based safety inspections.

There’s the inconveniences of carrying paper around during the inspection and the data collected needs to be input manually into a database at the end of each and every day.

And there’s another thing: this information’s only available to Field Operations Managers, Technicians and superiors at the end of the working day, thus wasting valuable time where remedial action could’ve been taken sooner.

There’s also a duplication of work during data collection when it’s done both at the point of inspection and the office. This carries the risk of errors during data entry, handwriting that’s hard to read or, even worse, data collection forms that go missing altogether.

Delaying or missing safety inspections can have severe consequences for your organization.

Besides the loss of reputation these include:

  • Financial penalties as a consequence of prosecution
  • Increased insurance premiums
  • Inefficiencies created by loss of production
  • Inefficiencies associated with paper waste

The benefits of automated reporting with mobile forms apps

A mobile forms app integrated with a mobile form builder enables the creation of data collection forms for equipment inspections, compliance checklists and site safety audits.

Document and report safety hazards with a mobile forms app

Inspectors can complete their forms on their smartphone in a fraction of the time it would take them on paper. Smart forms dynamically show or hide questions based on their inputs and prompts them for additional information.

Inspectors can:

  • Create digital forms
  • Create complex rules to control the behaviour of field forms
  • Pre-populate data into data collection forms to save time
  • Locate field forms on an intuitive map interface
  • Attach photos and videos and add GPS stamps with the integrated GIS app
  • Enforce consistent safety procedures
  • Perform in-depth and accurate inspections

Share data and safety records with a mobile forms app

Inspectors can analyze their reports and know what information to share to educate their colleagues and superiors about safety hazards and high-risk behaviours.

Inspectors can:

  • Perform offline data collection and sync with the cloud once they’re back online
  • Access data in real-time on a dashboard
  • Structure data in projects
  • Simplify auditing with cloud access to safety reports
  • Simplify compliance reporting
  • Build efficient workflows
  • Reuse data collection forms templates
  • Export data in multiple formats


Paper-based safety inspections are a thing of the past. Large amounts of data can be stored in the cloud and real-time visibility and sharing of information between team members is a reality. The safety of team members relies on timely inspections carried out with diligence. A mobile forms app facilitates data collection in the field and improves the safety of everyone.

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