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7 Top Benefits of Mobile Technology for your Business

If you’re like most people, mobile technology plays an essential role in your life. Think back to that time you misplaced your cell phone for a few hours. You felt lost without it, right? (Any normal person would.)

And what about that time you ran out of juice because you’d left your charger at home? (Nightmare.)

Or that time you discovered you’d reached your cellular data limit in the midst of an internet network failure? (Talk about bad luck.)

 Mobile technology is integrated into the way we work and play.

In our private lives we don’t hesitate to use it to our fullest advantage. We lean on it to navigate our way around town, share moment-by-moment updates with friends, find five-star restaurants on the fly, and so much more. Few businesses, though, are optimizing its full potential.

From customer relationship management software to mobile data collection apps and beyond, mobile technology can lend value to every stage of the workflow process.

By supporting greater operational efficiency, it supports greater financial gain. As for how much gain, that depends on whether or not you’re taking full advantage of all it has to offer.

To help you optimize the power of mobile technology, here are seven of the top advantages it has to offer your business.

 1. Unlimited storage

Today’s mobile applications are proving to outperform locally housed alternatives thanks, in large part, to the benefits of the cloud.

Your company data is your greatest asset and these days businesses are acquiring more data than ever before. Thanks to the cloud, the sky’s the limit with respect to data storage.

 2. Better employee performance

The pandemic has required all businesses to revisit the way they operate. If your company is like most, mobile technology hasn’t only enabled your employees to work remotely. It has enabled them to work more effectively.

In a study conducted in a 16,000-employee company, performance increased by 13% and retention increased by 50%.

Source: Des employés plus performants grâce au télétravail, Metro

3. Increased productivity

Mobile applications help eliminate mundane tasks – tasks that eat into your employees’ valuable time. According to IT Chronicles, “wasted hours amount to an annual $5 trillion loss for companies around the world.”

By integrating the right mobile apps into your company workflow, you minimize waste and increase capacity for greater productivity.

 4. Lower operating costs

Cloud-based services that rely on mobile technology have few hard costs associated with them, if any.

No heavy equipment or specialized IT support staff required. As a result, they generally require a lower upfront investment and fewer long-term costs, which leads to valuable cost savings.

 5. Real-time data access

More and more businesses today are combining the power of data management software with mobile technology as they come to appreciate the advantages.

Enterprise resource planning systems and field data collection apps, for example, give employees remote access to real-time data from anywhere at any time.

 6. Stronger communication

Minimizing the need for face-to-face meetings, mobile solutions enable management to communicate with staff in a more timely manner. Similarly, team members are able to communicate with one another freely, which supports faster alignment and more efficient decision-making.

 7. Better collaboration

The COVID-19 pandemic has proven just how effectively mobile technology can facilitate collaboration. You’ve no doubt experienced it for yourself.

Thanks to online conferencing tools like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet, collaborating with team members and connecting with clients has never been so seamless. Even when the world returns to normal, businesses will no doubt continue to use these tools thanks to the ease and efficiency they offer.

Are you using mobile technology to its full advantage?

Remember, every step you take to improve your business’s operational efficiency leads to greater profits.If you’re interested in leveraging data collection tools to elevate your long-term success, explore Coral Collect’s solution. Whatever industry you’re in, we can help you build digital mobile forms for efficient data collection, storage, and real-time sharing.

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