6 Effective Ways to Learn and Master new Technologies

As technology evolves, so does your need to navigate learning curves in order to keep up. Given the rapid pace of this evolution, keeping up can be a challenge. No sooner have you mastered one piece of software than a better alternative or update is released. And so, the learning cycle continues as you adopt, adapt, and repeat.
As a result, you not only need to be efficient in your day-to-day tasks; you need to be an efficient learner. With that in mind, here are six considerations to help you learn and master new platforms and tools with greater ease.

1. Let go of fear.

As the saying goes, “the only constant in life is change,” so try to roll with it.

One of the greatest obstacles to learning is fear, especially when it comes to technology. Accept that you’re going to make mistakes. Even the most experienced professionals make them.

Mistakes and failure can be our greatest teachers. The more you resist them, the harder it will be to learn. So, shift your perspective and embrace both as opportunities to master the tools that will help you become more successful.

2. Learn the lingo.

In today’s digital world, jargon abounds. Familiarizing yourself with tech terms and acronyms will make the learning process a whole lot easier.

Be patient with yourself. Learning any new language takes time, but perseverance pays off. Sure, in the beginning you may find yourself tripping over terminology. However, put in the effort to memorize and comprehend and eventually your brain will adjust and enable you to learn more efficiently.

3. Make time for play time.

Approach learning like an adventure and experiment with a curious mind.

Explore the features of your new technology one by one. Once you’ve figured out how each component works, you’ll be able to put the puzzle pieces together and excel as a solutions master.

4. Take advantage of available resources.

The technology sector is highly competitive. As a result, tech providers make resources readily available in the hopes of becoming and remaining your ‘chosen one.’

Take advantage of these resources to obtain the information you need to overcome your lack of solution experience.

5. Learn from other users.

If you encounter an obstacle when learning a new technology, chances are that someone else has faced the exact same challenge. Set aside your pride and ask your peers for help.

Also, check out technology discussion forums and knowledge bases like Stack Overflow for questions and answers that may meet your needs.

6. Teach others.

Just as there are those who know more than you, there are those who know less.

As you work your way through the learning process, teach other beginners what you’ve learned. Articulating your newly acquired knowledge will help you maintain and hone your skills.

Remember, technology is your friend.

As is the case with many relationships, you may get off to a bumpy start but stick with it. Over time, you’ll come to reap many advantages.

From unlimited access to information to cloud storage and mobility, today’s platforms and tools are designed to deliver greater workflow ease. Before you can master these platforms and tools, however, you must embrace your willingness to learn.

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