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5 Reasons to Use a Data Collection Application for Inspections

Workplace inspections are essential for maintenance, compliance, and accident prevention. Most technical work includes a number of these as routine.
Standardized protocols ensure that inspections are done correctly across an organization, and that risks are consistently identified.
A simple paper checklist is better than nothing. But a data collection application is one of the best tools for in-field inspections.

Here are five reasons why a mobile inspection app gives an edge.

1. Quality

Higher quality reports are produced via a field survey app which includes:

  • No more transcription errors,
  • Attached photos,
  • Integrated georeferenced data.

These reports are thorough, complete, and generated automatically. Without any:

  • Inclement weather damage,
  • Employee mistakes,
  • Or missed steps.

2. Standardization

A mobile checklist standardizes all the steps, ensuring that protocol is followed from A to Z. No matter who does the job.

Star employees are great, but company-wide performance shouldn’t depend on individuals.

It’s far better to create digital forms that:

  • Standardize knowledge,
  • Remove the human error factor,

And ensure that jobs are always done correctly.

3. Compliance

A field data collection app will force inspectors to fully complete all checklist steps before registering the process.

This protects against employee forgetfulness or willful mistakes.

4. Speed

An application will allow you to complete an inspection and share it with your supervisor in less time than if you were using paper.

  • No need to print and bring the inspection sheet back to the office.
  • No need to transcribe the data from the paper form manually into the database.
  • The inspection sheet is automatically sent to the supervisor via the application.

 5. Flexible

A mobile data collection app will create as many digital forms and checklists as needed, for all the types of inspections performed.

With offline data collection, this field survey app can be used no matter where the job is.


A mobile field data collection app is a superior way to collect, save, and share field data.

Organizations who switch to mobile survey apps spend far less time performing inspections. More time can then be spent on the inspection itself or on improving general inspection processes.

Coral Collect lets organizations do this in a collaborative way.

All levels of the organization can be involved in field data management. Technicians, analysts, and managers all benefit from a forms app that includes operations monitoring, performance analytics, and cleanly generated technical reports.

Along with better in-field performance, Coral Collect gives increased transparency, accountability, and compliance. It’s a good choice of data collection application for inspections

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