2021 – The year to eliminate paper

Technology is changing the ways in which we live, play and work.
15 years ago, we all used paper maps to look for addresses and the phone book to find contact numbers (remember the yellow pages anyone?). These days, we use Google maps to plan all our trips and search engines to find the contact information of the nearest hairdresser, restaurant or company.

At work, the use of cloud computing and artificial intelligence is creating new ways to increase productivity.

The arrival and influence of technology is starting to take place everywhere, from education, business, office work and marketing to communications, purchasing and banking.

Integrating these new technologies into the ways we work has become an essential requisite to remaining competitive in today’s world of synchronized data and high-speed internet communications.

Digital vs paper

Consider, for example, someone who is looking for a route using a traditional map or atlas versus someone who uses GPS to find their way around. Who do you think wins? The hare or the tortoise?

Technology has had a huge impact on the paper industry too. Newspapers are increasingly published exclusively online, and every magazine, book and comic series has an online counterpart or website.

Nevertheless, despite the huge technological advancements in recent years, most businesses seem to be unsure as to how to go about digitizing their data.

Could 2021, following the global pandemic, be the year during which your company finally achieves this goal?

Motivate your employees to go paperless

One way to get the ball rolling when it comes to transitioning your company from paper to digital is to start a campaign to motivate your organization to go paperless.

You can talk about the lasting benefits and show them the advantages of how going paperless will make their jobs easier.

Once they see how much time and effort they can save by going digital, they will be more likely to become part of the change.

Use the right software

A good place to start when trying to find the right digital management systems that will help you optimize your workflow (CRM, Data Collection Application, Google Drive etc.) is to consider what your own specific use case needs are and then make a list of the tools and features you need.

Furthermore, choosing the right software and providing the necessary training on how to use it is essential for a company to become efficient. 

There are many apps and softwares that will theoretically meet your needs. You will need to do your research and compare your options before making a decision.

Coral Collect – the all-in-one data collection solution

Coral Collect is the No. 1 solution to all your data collection needs. Whether you’re an engineer, a technician, a data analyst, a project manager or an operations planner, Coral Collect has you covered.

The app comes with the following features:

  • Easy digital form creation with its online form builder.
  • Filling out forms during field work with the easy-to-use app interface.
  • Simple display and export of data via the dashboard.

To find out more about Coral Collect, you can check out this video or head over to the Coral Collect information page.

Feel free to let us know if you have any questions.

The Coral Collect Team

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